I’m Charmaine Chitate.

I sign of my work as @highontalent and @blazerzw.

I’m a photographer, writer, motion & print graphic designer, filmmaker, digital communications consultant.

I believe that talent is in everyone, that our talents are different ad that our talent is interdependent on the other. For you to leave your mark on the world, the onus is on me to use my talent to capture and caption your talent.

Visual gossip tells a story. A story that draws your attention to what is happening, why it is happening, when, to whom and where.

About HOT

High On Talent (Private) Limited, abbreviated as HOT, is a locally registered multimedia organisation that seeks to encourage a platform for interaction between for developmental and entertainment purposes. The phrase “High On Talent” is an expression of a level of appreciation of talent surpassing industry and discipline which, is a process that a lot of organisations we have worked with have begun to adopt. Visit our Services page to find out more…