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Gold Cup: ZIM 23vs31 TUN

Zimbabwe’s match result against Senegal was great, considering the struggle against Zambia. Hopeful was I but hope doesn’t score tries, neither does it make you rest easy. As a spectator, the Sables -Namibia match was both inspiring and depressing. Inspiring because the team held it’s own. Since the Sables 80-6 loss two years ago, I have been wary of Zimbabwe/Namibia matches. Last week the Gold Cup match wasn’t that bad, until we lost to Kenya – now that was expected! Kenya has always appeared bigger, stronger, more coordinated,…and they were.

I don’t know how it is that we struggled to score against a team that lost 100-10 to Namibia, 93-10 to Kenya, 78-17 to Uganda?

Definitely not an outcome I wanted but I did expect it.